Exclusive to i54 businesses

To give you a taste of the bus services, we have a range of ticket offers for you which are listed below;

Try your alternative route when the road access changes for free!

To help you travel to work, we are offering 200 day ticket so you can try out your new journey, following the closure of access to i54 for cars from Wobaston Road. To receive one of these tickets, please email get2i54@centro.org.uk with the following information and we will post out your day ticket;


Email address:

Postal address:

Organisation you work for:

Limited availability on 1 month free tickets

We are offering a limited number of one month free tickets when you sign-up to Direct Debit. To be eligible for one month free, please contact your Travel plan coordinator to receive your exclusive promotional code, and then you can either apply online, by visiting this website;


or request an application form from your Travel plan coordinator. Please contact get2i54@centro.org.uk for more information.

Public transport ticket offers are limited availability for new public transport users. Download Terms and Conditions

Further information, including timetables for this and other services to i54 and the surrounding area are available at networkwestmidlands.com/i54

For other bus timetables and rail links see below.

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